Conferences and seminars
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Conferences and seminars

Hotel Aplaus – conference space

For conferences or seminars you can use the space of the nearby Litomyšl European training center, which offers 3 multi-purpose halls, an exhibition hall (with a capacity of 200 people), a seminar hall (100) and an ecumenical chapel (110). For smaller seminars and workshops you can use the library (50) or a meeting room in the accommodation area. For larger conferences it is possible to expand the capacity by using the Chateau Convention Center (max. capacity 1200 people; the capacity of the largest hall is 200 guests), and it may also be possible to utilize other venues in the city.

Seminar hall 7 X 14, 110 meters square

The seminar hall is a suitable space for lectures, various social events and company celebrations, in combination with the hall chapel, a glass hall (96.8 meters square), and an interior open courtyard (146.5 meters square); these create an environment with an excellent atmosphere for larger-sized events.

Photos of seminar hall here.

40 110 70
School Theatre Conference

Chapel 7 x 14, 97 meters square

The chapel is a multi-purpose space suitable for seminars, exhibitions and concerts. With its unique atmosphere it is also suitable for important social events such as a graduation celebration or a wedding and even a Christian event such as religious worship.

Photos of multi-purpose space here.

45 100 75
School Theatre Conference

Exhibition hall 14 x 14, 196 meters square

The largest multi-purpose hall is located on the second floor.

Photographs of the large multi-purpose hall here.

60 200 100
School Theatre Conference

Library 7 x 10, 70 meters square

It is a room designated for smaller seminars (up to 45 people), work groups or meetings or workshops. A wireless internet connection is possible in this room.

Photographs of the seminar hall here.

36 50 40
School Theatre Conference

Social hall 18 x 15, 280 meters square

It has an entrance hall and double arches with columns in the middle. It has a marble floor with carpeting, and in the bar area it has facilities for serving meals. Banquet tables with seating for 12 people are also available. Heating with storage heaters.

  • Party 150
  • Banquet 72

Photographs of social hall here

165 180 80
School Theatre Conference

Lecture hall 18 x 8, 160 meters square

Entrance from the social hall, vaulted ceiling, marble floor with carpeting, installed podium 7 x 3 x 0 .6 m. Heating with storage heaters.

  • Banquet 96

Photographs of lecture hall here.

54   40
School Theatre Conference

More information - Litomyšl European training center

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