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Dear Guests,

At the turn of the 19th century a renowned pub „Na sklípku“ was located in this building. On of its patrons, Josef Váchal, a known painter and book illustrator, frequented the pub during his stay in Litomyšl. The design of the furnishings is a tribute to the man and his art.

We offer here in Bohém traditional Czech food based on the recipes of the celebrated chef who lived here, M.D.Rettigová. In addition, we also pride ourselves on modern dishes using only local, fresh ingredients to create what we hope is a gastronomic treat for our customers.

Bon appetit, bueno apetito, enjoy you meal...

New menu 2019/2020

Cold starters
100 g Goose liver pate with green pepper and brandy, cranberries, homemade Bohém bread 155 Kč
70 g Smoked venison carpaccio, pickled chanterelle mushrooms, (homemade) white bread 275 Kč
100 g The Aplaus Steak Tartare made of tenderloin, bread toasts, garlic 295 Kč
Warm starters
  A dozen Burgundy-style snails in hot sea salt, lemon, grilled (homemade) white bread 225 Kč
120 g Grilled chilli and garlic calamari ring, lemon, ruccola, cherry tomatoes, (homemade) white bread 275 Kč
Chicken consommé, noodles, meat, vegetables 85 Kč
Roasted chestnut ginger cream soup, kale 85 Kč
Caesar salad Little Gem with thinly sliced chicken meat, Herbed croutons, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, pancetta 285 Kč
Warm smoked duck breast salad, lettuce, chicory, hazelnut dressing, pear, turnip 285 Kč
Main dishes
200 g Chicken Supreme filled with smoked cutlet from the village of Budislav, chickpea puree, zucchini 255 Kč
200 g Tyrolean fatback-wrapped tenderloin sous-vide, potato puree, chanterelle mushrooms 355 Kč
250 g Roast duck breast with red curry sauce, galangal, carrots, green beans, kaffir lime leaves, jasmine rice 375 Kč
400 g Butter roast pigeon, pumpkin puree with pearl onions 485 Kč
250 g Espresso-chilly marinated beef steak, glazed carrots, smoked potatoes 555 Kč
180 g Grilled fallow deer back, chestnut puree, green beans, green pepper sauce 595 Kč
Traditional meals according to M. D. Rettigová’s recipes
200 g Pork-loin Wiener schnitzel fried on lard, potato puree, gherkin, lemon 225 Kč
200 g Roast beef with rosehip sauce, Carlsbad dumplings, lemon, cranberries 285 Kč
200 g Wild boar top-blade goulash, mild millet-grain dumplings, fried onions 285 Kč
300 g Slow roasted rabbit leg with garlic, smoked flitch of bacon, sous vide root vegetables, mashed potatoes 355 Kč
  1/4 of confit goose in its own grease, red cabbage with plum butter, fried potato gnocchi 395 Kč
180 g Grilled fillets of trout from the Litomyšl fishery, green beans and carrots sauté, chives potatoes, lemon 315 Kč
180 g Sea bass of Chile, mild potato puree, leek, Beurre blanc sauce 365 Kč
Pasta of the Marche region
Spaghetti di Zio, garlic, chilli, bread crumbs, leaf parsley, Pecorino cheese 225 Kč
Gemelli Salsicia & Funghi, white wine, leaf parsley, Parmigiano reggiano cheese 245 Kč
Mafaldine & grilled calamari ring, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, leaf parsley 265 Kč
Children’s menu
100 g Pork-loin Wiener schnitzel, potato puree, gherkin, lemon 145 Kč
100 g Roast beef with rosehip sauce, Carlsbad dumplings, lemon, cranberries 165 Kč
100 g Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Parmigiano reggiano cheese 165 Kč
Side dishes
A basket of (homemade) white bread 65 Kč
Potato puree 65 Kč
Fresh vegetables and cherry tomatoes salad 85 Kč
Grilled vegetables 85 Kč
Cakes on offer 95 Kč
Variety of ice-cream and sorbets, fresh fruit 115 Kč
Vanilla crème brûlée, chocolate cookies, ice cream „Pavlova“ 135 Kč
Chocolate soufflé, sea buckthorn, ice cream 135 Kč


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