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Dear Guests,

At the turn of the 19th century a renowned pub „Na sklípku“ was located in this building. On of its patrons, Josef Váchal, a known painter and book illustrator, frequented the pub during his stay in Litomyšl. The design of the furnishings is a tribute to the man and his art.

We offer here in Bohém traditional Czech food based on the recipes of the celebrated chef who lived here, M.D.Rettigová. In addition, we also pride ourselves on modern dishes using only local, fresh ingredients to create what we hope is a gastronomic treat for our customers.

Bon appetit, bueno apetito, enjoy you meal...

Studené předkrmy
100 g Marinated beetroot, local goat cheese, wholenuts, homemade bread 145 CZK
100 g Salmon tartare, Créme fraîche, toast 245 CZK
100 g Prime beef tenderloin steak tartare "Aplaus", fried bread, garlic 295 CZK
70 g Foie gras terrine, gingerbread crumbs, apple, seasonal fruit, homemade bread 345 CZK
Chicken consommé, chicken, noodles, vegetables 85 CZK
Rabbit "Kaldoun"(thick traditional soup), vegetables, marjoram oil 75 CZK
Chilled tomato soup, homemade bread with pesto 75 CZK
Warm starters
150 g Chicken "Satay", peanut sauce, pickled vegetables 185 CZK
Buffalo milk mozzarella, roasted pepper caponata, homemade bread 235 CZK
Salad with duck breast, sesame citrus dressing, lettuce, chicory, orange, homemade bread croutons 265 CZK
Caesar salad with thinly sliced chicken, herbal croutons, Gran Moravia cheese, pancetta 285 CZK
Caesar salad with baked tiger prawns, herb croutons 345 CZK
Pasta and Risotto
Spaghetti aglio e olio with dried tomatoes, parsley, Gran Moravia cheese 225 CZK
Rigatoni puttanesca 265 CZK
Mafaldine with marinated prawns, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, basil 335 CZK
Vialone Nano rice saffron risotto, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, Gran Moravia cheese 335 CZK
180 g Grilled local trout fillet, spinach leaves with garlic, potato puree, lemon 335 CZK
200 g Teriyaki salmon, spiced carrots, bok choy, jasmine rice 385 CZK
200 g Grilled octopus with baked cherry tomatoes, garlic, parsley, rocket, homemade bread, lemon 595 CZK
Main Courses (meat and steaks)
200 g Chicken breast "Supreme", potato puree with chives, mashed peas 245 CZK
250 g Duck breast marinated in citrus and sesame, stewed jasmine rice, spring onions, bok choy, carrots, Hoisin sauce 375 CZK
200 g Pork tenderloin sous-vide, herb crust, grilled vegetables with olives and potato Grenaille 385 CZK
300 g Pork chop "tomahawk", ravigote sauce, French fries, baby rocket and radish salad 445 CZK
250 g Tenderloin beef steak, spinach leaves with roasted oyster mushrooms, potato cake, smoked pepper sauce 555 CZK
Main Courses: traditional M. D. Rettigová recipes
200 g Fried schnitzel (de-boned chicken leg), potato puree, cranberries, lemon 245 CZK
250 g Slow-baked shredded flank steak, mashed cream-cheese potato with chives, roasted oyster mushrooms 285 CZK
200 g Traditional baked tenderloin with cream sauce, "Karlsbad" dumplings, cranberries, lemon, whipped cream 295 CZK
400 g Duck leg confit, (old Czech recipe), red cabbage with plum jam, potato and bun dumplings 325 CZK
200 g Grilled lamb chops, buttered potatoes with chives, mashed peas with mint 555 CZK
Vegetarian choice
Spicy bok choy with coconut milk, smoked "šmakoun" (vegetarian ‘meat’ made from egg whites), stewed jasmine rice 225 CZK
Children meals
100 g Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Gran Moravia cheese 165 CZK
100 g Fried chicken leg schnitzel, potato puree, gherkins, lemon 165 CZK
100 g Grilled trout fillet, potato puree, lemon 185 CZK
Chive potatoes Grenaille 65 CZK
Potato puree 65 CZK
Steak french fries 65 CZK
Bread basket 65 CZK
Roasted spinach leaves with garlic 75 CZK
Fresh vegetable salad with cherry tomatoes 85 CZK
Grilled vegetables 85 CZK
Choice of homemade cake 95 CZK
Selection of ice creams and sorbets with fresh fruit 105 CZK
Vanilla crème brûlée, marinated sour cherries, yogurt ice cream 125 CZK
Mascarpone sundae with seasonal fruit, vanilla ice cream, roasted hazelnuts 135 CZK


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