Sporting activities
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Sporting activities

Litomyšl go-kart arena

You can find the go-kart arena in Litomyšl in the industrial zone in the direction of Svitavy, near the R35 route. At the indoor go-kart arena both go-karts and mini-bikes can be rented. The arena includes a bar with seating for 70 people, accessible not only to fans of motor sports but also to the public. For those who are interested we run company and group events.


Forest Paintball Field

he club paintball field is also open to the public. It has an area of about 30,000 square meters. The attractive forest area, with buildings, trenches and open areas, occupies the former summer camp in Kouty u Brandýsa nad Orlicí, ca. 20 km away (15 minutes by car). There are facilities, quality equipment and services for 14-20 players.
Open daily 8:00-20:00, usually by appointment on the day of the event.


Pucher Janov riding stables

  • Offers courses in horse riding for beginners as well as for advanced riders – also possible in English.
  • Rides into the countryside with an experienced guide.
  • Hippotherapeutic horseback riding for the disabled under the supervision of a physiotherapist.
  • Stables for horses, training of horses and preparation for show-jumping competitions.
  • Horse racing and in winter horse skijoring races.

Address: Janov u Litomyšle 61, 569 53
Mobile: +420 607 606 172

Manon Suchá Stables

Director: Jiří Skřivan
Address: Suchá, Litomyšl 570 01
Mobile: +420 602 451 918

Litomyšl swimming pool

  • Fifty-meter-long swimming pool with 1-m and 3-m diving boards and a 10-m-long slide. The dimensions of the pool are 50 x 30 m, with a depth from 0.2 m to 3.5 m.
  • Twenty-five-meter-long swimming pool with the dimensions of 25 x 10 m, with a depth from 1.2 m to 1.6 m.
  • Landing pool for a 92-m long water slide. Rides on the water slide are free.
  • For taking it easy, for example, sunbathing, there are maintained grassy areas and wooded sunbathing boardwalks. In the park areas there are also shaded grassy areas.
  • For active exercise, there are three courts with artificial turf for tennis/football, two courts for beach volleyball, and two patio tables for table tennis available for hire.
  • You can refresh yourself in the local restaurant or with fast food.
  • According to the categorization of swimming pools, the Litomyšl pool received a certificate with four stars out of a possible five.

Indoor winter stadium

The ice rink was built in 1977. A grandstand for 1600 standing spectators was built in 2002 and was roofed over in 2004 according to a design by Ing. Arch. Aleš Burian. In October 2005 the cladding of the eastern and southern sides was completed, with a new spectator area for 220 people (160 seated and 60 standing). In May 2006 the modernization continued with the cladding of the two remaining sides (with a panoramic vista of the chateau in the western part). A new surface was laid for in-line hockey and a new scoreboard was installed. In the summer of 2006 the surface cooling system was reconstructed.

Stratílek spinning center

SPINNING is an energetically efficient group exercise on stationary bikes which combines music, motivation and imagination into a single unit with precisely calibrated workouts. This original cycling program offers physical and mental elements of conditioning for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

SPORT tennis hall (tennis, squash, bowling)

A sports complex with tennis courts in a hall which offers two clay courts in an inflatable hall, three squash courts and four bowling alleys. The hall thus completes the package of an outdoor arena where for several years now there have been four clay volleyball courts, six clay tennis courts and one exercise hall available for use. It offers dressing room facilities with showers, as well as a comfortable room with refreshments and the rental of sports equipment for squash and tennis and bowling shoes. The high standard includes barrier-free access.

The quality of the new sporting facilities is guaranteed by the producers of the squash courts, which are officially recognized by the international federation of this sport. The tennis court is covered in Decoturf, which the famous Flushing Meadows also has as its playing surface. The two bowling alleys also conform to all European standards.

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