Chateau Grounds

The Litomyšl chateau, a national cultural monument and a UNESCO monument, is one of the major landmarks of the town and one of our most important monuments from the Renaissance period. The history of the settlement and later of the castle hill is closely intertwined with the history of the town. Today the castle is one of the tourist magnets which attract thousands of tourists each year to Litomyšl.

Other items of interest in the area of the chateau

  • Town art gallery in the administrative area of the museum and gallery located on the second floor of the chateau.
  • Congress center located on the ground floor and second floor of the chateau. It is ideal for a wide range of social and cultural activities (together with the premises of the chateau brewery) – it is operated by Smetanova Litomyšl o. p. s.
  • Chateau restaurant in the third courtyard

Inscription into the UNESCO list

When the decree was passed to inscribe the chateau grounds into the UNESCO register on June 16th 2000 a memorial plaque with the following inscription was unveiled:
“In 1999 the chateau in Litomyšl became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This entry confirms its exceptional importance in the world according to the convention on the protection of world heritage by which the peoples of the world and their common interests are protected. The Litomyšl chateau is, in its perfect and exceptionally preserved status, an extraordinary example of a chateau with arcades, a type of building which originated in Italy and was adapted to the Czech lands in such a way as to develop a form with outstanding architectural values. It serves as a perfect example of a Central European aristocratic residence in the time of the Renaissance and of its influence on the later development of new artistic genres.”

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